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Spa Experiences

There is always something to discover at The Post Oak.

With the recent events of Covid-19 affecting the world, heightened awareness of health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our consciousness. People are more motivated than ever before to achieve healthy lifestyles promising immunity, longevity, mental health and stronger bodies. Restore your wellbeing and state-of-mind with these spa experiences.

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Immune Recovery Massage

Keep your respiratory tract clear and immune system strong with this cleansing and fortifying upper body treatment. An Ayurvedic scalp massage lightens a heavy head, while drainage massage movements help unblock sinuses and ease headaches. With scents of eucalyptus, tea tree & pine, which have purifying effects alongside lavender, boost your natural immunity with anti-viral properties. 60 minutes $180, 90 minutes $260

Inner Strength Massage

This encouraging massage treats specific areas of the body that assist in building physical and mental strength, helping uplift spirits for those who have experienced personal trauma, a lack of energy or confidence. This service provides comfort to move forward in life. 60 minutes $180, 90 minutes $260

Animal Ambassadors
Unclutter Your Mind Treatment

Calm a stressed and confused mind with a refreshing experience for the body, mind and soul perfect during times of stress. Included is a spiritually uplifting inhalation with aromatherapy massage of the scalp serving to calm and cleanse your thoughts. A hand and foot exfoliation is also part of this treatment. 60 minutes $190, 90 minutes $275

Serenity Body Therapy

Bring the serenity of nature to your mind, body and skin. A guided inhalation and tension releasing treatment, followed by a deep tissue massage with a warm grounding mud mask is included. Feel restored from the stresses of modern day living, and be relieved from restlessness and agitation. 90 minutes $275

Hand Cream
Restorative Hand Care

Upgrade your treatment and replenish your hands' natural protective barriers with a scrub, restorative mud mask and massage. 20 minutes $80

Therapy To-Go

For those seeking to continue their wellness in suite or at home, our customized product selections feature a combination of aromatherapy oils (with diffuser) along with bath and body products to resume rest and relaxation. Pricing starts at $245.

Personal Yoga or Trainer

Health & Wellness is the mission! Let us schedule your personal session with a yoga instructor or fitness trainer to curate an experience befitting to your current needs. We can help you choose the appropriate setting to accomplish your goals. Pricing is $160 per person.

The Spa Menu
Full Spa Menu

Indulge in a world of unparalleled wellness, where transformative healing is at the heart of each lavish treatment. From ceremonial anti-aging rituals of ancient cultures to the latest innovations in skincare techniques, The Spa at The Post Oak is the perfect destination to relax the mind, body and soul.

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